Gluttony. Envy. Pride. Greed. Sloth. Lust. Wrath.


For thousands of years, these seven simple words have served to describe the most extreme elements of the human condition. We have always been fallible since the dawn of man, and we continue to possess a strange fascination with the more questionable sides of our nature. This collection of stories from around the world shines a contemporary light on behaviour often best left in the dark.


For their fourth annual immersive new writing experience, 20:20 Vision Theatre have gone back to their roots. Working with playwrights whom the company have previously developed through prior productions, Deadly explores the world of the sinful through original material from writers under 30.


Are you ready to repent…?


"truly surreal yet fascinating"

Verity Annear - Theatre Bath


"extraordinarily engaging, making for a fascinating night out"

Joshua Lambert - Theatre Bath


David Aitken

Dale Chalkwood


Drou Constantinou

Gabriella / A


Tom Driver

Malcolm / Joe


Matthew Grace

Mr Pen / God


Alice van Hees

Satan / Lucy


Emily Lee

Cole / Bartender


Joshua Phillips

Joey / B


Clemmie Twiggs

Lorelai / Gabby


Ellis J. Wells







david shopland



Sean Fee

The Nightcap


 Carmella Brown

& Grant Leat

Partners In Crime


Treasa Nealon

Hell Hath No Fury


Matthew Grace

Can You, Err?


David Shopland

& Callum Hughes

Drive Thru Eucharist


Laurence Alliston-Greiner What You Want Me To Do


Emily Holyoake




Kirsty roche and



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