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Running time: 100 mins


God has a plan, but the Devil is in the detail. Fake Escape present two new plays exploring the Divine to both hilarious and harrowing effect.


Can You Err? By Matthew Grace sees an increasingly despondent Man Upstairs decide it’s about time someone else had the burden of looking after all things bright and beautiful. Enter Joey, a hapless caretaker who just might be the next Almighty, but not before he's put through his paces by Our Father and his fallen assistant. A witty and intelligent look at the human condition that doesn’t pull any punches.


Drive-Thu Eucharist marks David Shopland and Callum Hughes's 12th collaboration and centres one a poor unfortunate soul left alone with his thoughts. As he pieces together memories from his childhood, the powerful monologue weaves a tale of faith, fidelity and fried chicken. By turns heartbreaking and humorous, Shopland and Hughes create a slice of Americana in the vain of Sam Shepard and Tracey Letts.

bath fringe festival 2017


Running time: 120 mins

WRITER under 30? ACTOR with a base in the Bristol / Bath area?

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What if you knew exactly when your life would end? To the very second... How would you want to go out?


For their 5th consecutive year, Fake Escape bring the acclaimed immersive '20:20 Vision' experience to Bath Fringe and this time they turn their attention to our planet's final hours. 4 brand new plays by 4 writers under 30 will intertwine to tell various stories spanning relationships and continents, all played out in real time as the audience hurtle towards the end of the world. Expect a powerful experience unlike anything else you will see at the festival.

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